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Alexadesigns312 5 days ago


Absolutely delectable dish for breakfast or brunch. California avocados are the best & Woody's surely knows how to do solid toast with them! A bunch of their brunch choices are delicious, but this one is by far my favourite!! Paired with a nice Bloody Mary and you've got yourself a banging start to your day!

Sheila.M.Bourque 8 days ago


We love Woodys!!! I can't say enough about the lobster dishes! Amazing!!! We drive an hour north weekly to enjoy the best lobster dinner and tails in Orange County.

Sk Coleman43 20 days ago


Fresh Lobster caught every Tuesday! I live in Anaheim and come to Neport for two things: beach and woodys! The service, drinks and food are always on point. My favorite thing is definitely the view of the bay. Cant wait to return!

Zairaromero0430 25 days ago


I loved it. Will definitely be going soon

Juliammahon about 2 months ago

Prime Rib Special

My dinner was amazing and the staff was so friendly and tentative. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Kimberlyrose21 about 2 months ago


I love this resurant, the lobster special is absolutely amazing, I have also had and thouroughly enjoyed the poke tower, the bacon wrapped dates we had for dessert were divine and the $6 grey goose martinis a perfect accompanyment. I keep coming back for more and bringing different people. The view is beautiful and the atmosphere is cozy and comfy. Overall one of my favotite spots, I highly recommed all of it and there are still many dishes on the menu I look forward to trying because everything sounds delicious!

Douglasgracie3 about 2 months ago


These bacon wrapped dates are the only love life I need. Sweet, savory, melt-in-your-mouth... they are the perfect treat. The cut of the bacon *perfectly* complements the date without overpowering it's flavor. Then the bleu cheese in the middle... could this BE any better? Topped with a light and tangy balsamic reduction. If you don't order these, you are seriously (seriously) missing out!!!

Henrynmooney about 2 months ago


A day like any other, I had awoken to find a skin-covered abyss where my stomach had been the night before. If there is music in hell, it is played with an alarm clock. The high-pitched death notice, ripping me away from my heavenly slumber, grabbing the very fabric of my thoughts and, after cruelly meshing reality and fantasy together, deceiving my very dreams until I realized that something was amiss, persisted until I was forced to leave my oven, my haven, trek across the room, half-consciously locate the loud, empty promise of doom, and bring Thor's hammer down upon the snooze button. This process repeated itself until something else required my attention and forced me to awaken, a biological need to dump anything with even the slightest modicum of nutritional value into this bottomless pit of a stomach. The sting of a combination of rapid eye movement during stage one sleep (from which I was so rudely awakened), and general dryness, screamed out in pain as I numbed the burning by smearing my hands across my eye sockets. My conscious being tore through my eyelids as I desperately tried to keep them open, and the moment of truth was upon me. I blindly shuffled toward the door handle, the one thing keeping my man cave safe from harm and all nasty things in this world, and pushed it open. The Sahara desert may very well contain more sustenance than did my cupboards. My stomach roared and growled as though a wildebeest were hiding somewhere inside the empty refrigerator, plump and injured, an easy kill. I was still drowning in the amount of light coming through the windows and from my ceiling, feeling the disappointing wooden grain of the food pantry as if I could eat brail. Oh, how cruel fate had turned against me, if only I had had the gift of foresight enough to adventure out into the darkness the night before toward a market and, through the dark void of my street, been able to procure something of nutritional value for this dying animal under my shirt. All of a sudden, from the dim morning light as the maritime fog lifted, there, a whale I did spot, like the mirage of a baleen spouting from the high seas, beckoning me to follow its path toward the mystical undersea Atlantis of satiation, and I, powerless to its song, like the Viking whaler on the hunt, commanded the crew within my legs and pursued with harpoon in hand. Its sweet siren serenaded my very soul, the dry stinging from my eyes began to subside as tears of joy gathered around the brim of my eyelids. My pace quickened, I skipped, I ran up toward the marina almost without feeling it and burst open the door of Woody's Wharf. I had reached Valhalla, my pursuits had not gone unrewarded, my hunger met with the banquet halls of Woody's equipped for a feast of a thousand years. I danced an exhausted jig of glee and proceeded to take my seat as I eagerly awaited relief from this starving purgatory I had once called reality. It was the longest three minutes of my life. In this very important window of time, a missile could have been launched, a peace treaty signed, a cure for diabetes realized, but none of those were even half as important as the Spicy Puerto Nuevo Omelet and bottomless mimosas being hand-delivered to the brunch throne upon which I sat. The chime of the kitchen bell struck, my heart rate quickened, my hands shook in anticipation, my eye movement conflicted between professionalism and a raw animalistic urge to dive head-first into the kitchen. At last, the greatest assortment of brunch food ever to grace my lips, crafted by Neptune himself, delivered to my mouth with his golden trident, had not just arrived, but was all that ever was, is, and will be. The fabric of time and space, in one instantaneous moment, warped, bent, and yet mattered not at all. I emerged victorious, enlightened as a Tibetan monk, strong as a warrior, and with a pretty good buzz. I highly recommend the Spicy Puerto Nuevo Omelet, and the coffee is really good.

Sheila.M.Bourque about 2 months ago


I can't say enough about this place. Love, love, love their Lobster!!!! Paired with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and an amazing view ... can't be beat!

Sheila.M.Bourque 2 months ago


Absolutely amazing! Best lobster in all of Southern California!!!! Spent my summers in Maine and I missed having delicious lobster out here... Woodys DOES NOT disappoint! Came back with a group of friends from out of town and they all loved the food they had as well. Great atmosphere and service. Worth the 45min drive from our house.

Dahveahn 3 months ago


We had a beautiful day visiting from the high desert! The whole family enjoyed the wide menu selection. (Even my picky seven year old.) We kept it simple with delicious Woody's fish and chips, juicy burgers, and Krispy fries. The gorgeous view, excellent service, and great prices made our adventure even more awesome! Thank you Woody's Wharf!

Jsmith7305 3 months ago


Amazing Benedict, the lump crab cake was delicious, highly recommended. Bottomless mimosas were flowing, friendly staff. Looking forward to coming here again!

Nhans005 3 months ago


Their brunch is absolutely the best! I love getting the eggs and bacon. The eggs are always cooked to order with crispy bacon. It comes with toast and really good O'Brien potatoes that are seasoned well. Mimosas are also a must.

Guest 3 months ago


The fries tasted great! Nice and friendly staff. Beautiful view of the harbor!!

Ssodavy 4 months ago


Food and service is excellent.

Fishingstud 4 months ago


Woodys brunch is so far ahead of anything else available i dont even feel comfortable giving this review, because i dont want anymore people to know about it, its very busy already! All there food is excellent there staff are all very "seasoned" pros, SUNDAY BRUNCH ON THE WATER, WITH DOCKS AVAILABLE FOR US WHO LOVE FISHING AND BOATING WITH SPECTACULAR FOOD AND BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS!! all that for about the same price you would pay anywere else this place is a no brainer for me i have been coming here for a long time and i love Woodys i hope they never change. Tom Mac Neil

Breedammann 4 months ago


These tacos were so fire! I rolled up here with my friends on our stand up paddle board and docked on their cute spot in the harbor three times this month because I love it so much here! We stayed for drinks and lunch and we had a great time! The staff was super friendly, as always! This is one of my favorite places to come eat fire food during the day as well as dance and drink at night! Woody's warf is a must eat and dance sort of place!

Guest 5 months ago


This is my favorite Benedict anywhere! The short rib was so tender and melted away with each tasty bite!

Bobims12322 6 months ago


The server are very polite and the food is so good 😊

Stayingfocus 6 days ago


I highly recommend woodys. The atmosphere is nice the staff is amazing, and the food is delicious. What more could you ask for in a restaurant.

Phil.Milleriv 14 days ago


Absolutely delicious! The addition of chipotle made for a spicy hollandaise sauce that was to die for. Paired well with our bottomless mimosas :)

Supanat111 21 days ago


Love Woodys! Been coming here since I was a kid! Right in the water, we can pull our Duffy up eat some good food and drinks!

Suzibrown714 26 days ago


Crab cakes eggs Benedict is positively Devine!

Douglasgracie3 about 2 months ago


A review for the spirit selection in general here - a lovely blend of delightful local California wineries all the way to the delicious french Veuve Clicquot for those special events. Loved my choice from Roederer Estate and personally know/like almost every label offered here. Good choices, good food, good service = perfect experience.

Douglasgracie3 about 2 months ago


Good ahi might be my favorite food of all time. That being said, I'm pretty picky when it comes to getting it right... I'm here to tell you that Woody's Wharf gets Ahi RIGHT. Perfectly seared with sesame and a light orange teriyaki sauce - this is my new favorite place to get my favorite dish. Paired with beautifully cooked asparagus (another food easily upset) this dish was complete perfection. All this and stellar service from the staff! Thanks Woody's - we'll be back!

Jazzy.Pfisher about 2 months ago


Best lobster bowl I've ever had! 10/10 recommend!

Guest about 2 months ago


Love this dish!! So good!! And a lot of food !

Kimborowski323 2 months ago


Awesome spot for bottomless champagne right on the water. We love to come here and watch all of the boats coming in for dockside service, and for the price, it's a great value. It does get rowdy...but that's all part of the fun!

Mrwonderfullone 3 months ago


Wondering where to start? Well, You cannot go wrong by starting with Woody's Famous Clam Chowder. Follow this up with their delicious Crab Cakes! Really hungry? Then you got to add the braised short-ribs Dirty Fries! You just got to!!!! Overall, you will leave wanting to come back real soon for more. I know. I did. See you there! You will also leave smiling too!

Drblainec 3 months ago


The clam chowder at Woody's is the best in the world!!! How do I know this? I've had clam chowder world wide.

Kenmark17 3 months ago

$3 Coronas - Taco Tuesday

great tacos and everything

Esuarez16 3 months ago


Stopped by for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend and fell in love with the atmosphere. We especially loved the food which included the bang bang shrimp and the filet mignon with scallops. The food was amazing and the filet mignon was cooked so perfectly. One thing we loved the most and now share the best memory ever, was the karaoke night. Can't recommend this place enough.

Achraf 4 months ago


I came back here after 2 years ( I came almost every friday night with my UCI friends) and for the first time I had something else than a drink. After a quick advise I choose to follow it and try the Kobe beef sliders and it was very good with my beer ( Lagunitas on tap :) )

Rob 4 months ago


Had the Woody's cheeseburger for lunch which was excellent!

Roseliemoreno 4 months ago


Great food! Great service.

Guest 5 months ago


Meaty, juicy, sweet and spicy! Terrific blend of textures. This is a great burger! Thank you!

Guest 5 months ago


This is so perfect! Savory and just the right amount of sweet! Delicious and filling! Highly recommend!

Smith Matthew348 7 months ago


AWESOME! Tons of clam in this chowder. Perfect textures and the potatoes melt in your mouth! I actually ordered a second bowl. Its a must have!


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